Grape variety: Vermentino - Albarola
Pruning method: Guyot method, according to Simonit & Sirch
Vinification: the grapes are soft-pressed and then the must is placed in stainless steel tanks to ferment at a controlled temperature of 15°C for 15 days.
Total acidity: 6,5
Color: straw yellow with greenish hues
Aromas: intense scents of white flowers, citrus fruits - especially pink grapefruit. The taste is very full and well-structured, with a hint of acidity making it savory and mineral. Best suited to fish and shellfish-based dishes and soft cheeses.
Grape variety: Vermentino Nero - Syrah – Massaretta
Pruning method: Guyot method, according to Simonit & Sirch
Vinification: when the grapes are ripe, we de-stem them and crush them. Fermentation takes place together with the maceration of the skins, at a controlled temperature, in stainless steel tanks. We stir everything for about 15 days, in order to extract colors and aromas from the skins, and then the pressing takes place. We age the wine for about 12 months in small oak barrels. Once bottled, we store the wine for 8/9 months before putting it on the market.
Alcohol content: 13%-14% VOL Total acidity: 6,5
Color: deep ruby-red with violet hues
The scent is fruity, with spicy and vegetal hues, while in terms of taste it releases an intense aroma of wild berries, with secondary hints of black pepper and dark chocolate; silky texture. Particularly well-suited to game and semi-soft cheeses. Serving temperature: 17°-18°.

Quercetano olive trees are native to the Versilia area.
The oil we produce exclusively from this variety is clear ad golden green.
It is rich of aromas recalling freshly cut grass and aromatic herbs;
it's slightly fruity and delicate, with the right balance between bitterness and spiciness, so it enhances the flavor of dishes rather than covering it - a feature that makes it ideal for fish-based dishes and vegetables.